Know your Market – Questions to Ask Yourself

Information about your industry is important to start and grow your business. Researching your market can save you time developing a service that nobody may actually want. Here are some important questions to ask yourself as you begin to look at your market:

  • How many local competitors do you have? How are they doing? – look at prices, their websites, their strategies etc.
  • How can you demonstrate your credibility? How do your competitors do this? Do they offer free consultations? Post their reviews?
  • Are there any potential customers that you can interview?

Knowledge is power. The more you know about your potential market and competitors, the better!

Use the holidays to boost your network

Everyone loves a good Christmas shindig. This season why don’t you use the festivities as a chance to make new connections and grow your business? Remember to go armed with both gluhwein and business cards. This article from the Financial Post explains the importance of the follow-up: